Travelers on an Adventure by (Tom & Deb) travel blog

Travelers on an Adventure by (Tom & Deb)

Tom and Deb travel blog
Welcome, come take a ride with us and see what 2-ole-buddies have been up to...

Hello fellow followers, this is our story about 2-ole-buddies who have been hanging around together for well over twenty years now. We have had a few travel adventures in our past years and discovered that Tom is a white knuckle kind of guy when it comes to flying, driving through big cities, and on cruise ships, or so we thought. As we followed the wonderful adventures of our dear friends The Two Spices (Herb & Ginger) who have traveled many places for several years in their home on wheels we often thought this sounds so exciting. Tom and I often spoke of doing something similar, but possibly in a much smaller vehicle. Little did we know as faith would have it our future to travel had already been laid in wait we just had no idea what or how this may come about.

One day in the summer of 2016 we got a call. The Two Spices had seen our vision and now found us a way to follow our dream if we were still so inclined to do so. They had found a 2000 country coach diesel pusher (big as our grandson would say) that was in mint condition and within our budget. As they say the rest is history. We drove home that evening and looked at one another and said did we really just buy a motorhome and a ford fusion hybrid. We spent the next 6 weeks getting to know Jack & Loretta and our new home on wheels. They covered every aspect of our home and taught us everything (RV 101) we could possible need to know.

We were off on another adventure, this time to pick up our new home on wheels. We flew to Florida had a wonderful visit with our new found friends and took procession of our new 38 foot Country Coach and Ford Fusion. We spent a week in Florida stayed in our motorhome which was great learning how to use everything, and before we took off for open roads we opted to take a RV driving course. I knew in the back of my mind that I wanted Tom to feel as comfortable as needed to know how to handle our (Big Rig).We cannot say enough good praise for our RV Trainer Joe Powell. He was able to put Tom at “ease” and the training techniques he used were amazing. Best money we ever spent. Tom took to driving our rig with “ease” and after our week stay in Florida we left and both took turns driving to our second home in Myrtle Beach. We made our first layover in Camp Jasper and put all our new training to the test (we passed). We both were amazed we had made it and what an adventure that was. I could not have been more proud of Tom and now we both are ready to take our adventures to the next step and hit the open road.

Now the real work begins. Tom will retire this June 2017 and we are sorting 20 years of life’s treasures and it has become a bitter sweet task. How does one decide what to keep and what to let go of. We are not totally sure of our adventures and feel we might still have another place to call home (somewhere), beside our vacation villa in Myrtle Beach, SC. We plan to travel see different areas then decide if we want or need another. We are in the preparing stages to sell our Vermont home and once we have completed the entire task needed, we will be on to our next big adventure.

We want to stay in touch and invite our family and friends to take this journey with us by following our journals. This will allow for communications with us and we encourage you to leave us message. If you wish to have notice of our postings than just click on Request Updates and we will include you in our mailing list.

We realize this is a big step and we have been encouraged by many to go while the going is good, as we all know tomorrow is not promised and we are not getting any younger.
So stay tuned as 2-ole-buddies ride off into the sunset and take you along for the ride!!!!!!!!

Live life to the fullest and follow your dreams
We only pass through this way once!!!!!!!!!!

To Your Health and Happiness until we visit again,

Tom & Deb

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