Spring Break 2010 travel blog

Spring Break 2010

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Wow! All of a sudden everyone started talking about this phenomenon called Spring Break. What a novel idea? I am sold and on my way to the Big Bend area.
After I discussed the mountain lions and Black Bears that lived in Big Bend, Puddles opted to spend her SB at Pet Paradise. She loves the spa.
On the highway just past Abilene, a indicator light appeared on my dash board, a lamp or small pitcher. My first thought, great I get three wishes, but then I realized I was near Mrs. Allen’s, in Sweetwater. The light was indication that I was low on cream gravy and fried chicken. For those of you who have not visited Mrs. Allen’s, it is family style, 11 bowls of veggies, 2 meats (fried chicken and I can’t even remember what was on the other plate), cream gravy and peach cobbler. Did I mention all you can eat? I was concerned that the plate of fried chicken sat too near to a big fellow who played football for Sul Ross. Scary.
Medical update for the nurses and medical profession: - I received a cell call from my Dermatologist on the way down, reporting the results of the culture from my incision. I have something that starts with a E, I don’t know the name, but I recall him saying “it was a pesky little thing to get rid of”. He wanted to start me on a different antibiotic, he found no humor in my asking him to call in an RX to Boquillas del Carmen, Mexico. Don’t worry, I am attending the Ranger led program, Medical uses of desert plants.
Pictures in the next post.

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