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Louise and Stephen honeymoon

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Welcome to Our trip journal!
Saying goodbye is hard, we would rather say see you soon..... in Australia.

London we will miss:
1) Chavs the rhyming slag and unique dress sense.
2) The melting pot of cultures that provides the opportunity to make friends from all over the world
3) The surreal experience of walking past internationally recognised tourist attractions on a daily basis.
4) The child-like excitement that fills the air on the first real snow day of winter (before it turns to mush and creates transport chaos)
5) The fact that not everyone supports the royal family, but they all support the bank holidays given for weddings and jubilees.
6) Marks & Spencers Extremely Chocolately Chocolate Mini Bites (brownies)
7) Its proximity to Europe and the direct flights to other international destinations that make it so easy to explore the world from
8) The public transport system that makes it possible to live without a car, makes everything in London within easy reach and provides the option of a night out without a designated driver.
9) The first sunny day of the year when pale skin turns pink, M&S food-to-go is in demand, the parks are full of vibrant, happy people stripping off in public down to thier undies and we enjoy the delusion that a great summer has begun
10) The endearing habit of Londoners to approach big events such as the Olympics and Royal Wedding with cynicism and negativity, but throwing themselves into enjoying them when they arrive
11) Photographing the deer rutting season in a colourful Richmond Park, on a chilly and sunny day in Autumn
12) Selfridges Xmas window displays and the Oxford Street lights
13) The pubs: Sunday roast at a riverside pub, sipping Pimms on the street outside an overflowing city pub on a sunny Friday evening, raising a pint in celebration of a goal scored on the big TV screens during an England football match, and so many more!

We can tell you with glee that we wont miss:
1) Crowded trains and lack of tube ‘etiquette’ during rush hour
2) The predictability of unpredictable weather, and the month of January with its grey skies and short days.
3) Tube strikes
4) Tabloids, their obsession with reality TV stars and their harsh coverage of sporting failures
5) Expensive accommodation and lack of a large backyard
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