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Jan 19, 2008 by Judy Bowling
Re:  fire in maquoketa

sorry, hit the wrong button before I did a message -
If you haven't already go to www.kmaq.com and check out
major fire in downtown Maquoketa
won't be anything left in Maquoketa when you get back
Jan 12, 2008 by Judy Bowling
Re:  your trip

I am so envious of all the cool things you both have seen and done. I am also very impressed with your blog and the updates, it is really cool. The nearest thing for a vacation for me right now. Keep ...  (more...)
Jan 9, 2008 by Leanne Newman
Re:  your trip

Just went through your trip site - sounds like you are enjoying the ride. Didn't know there was a site like this, it sure is a help to your family to keep in contact.
Am hoping to be at the Baraboo ...  (more...)
Jan 3, 2008 by Alice Skinner
Re:  New Year

AHappy New Year to you two travelers. Know it is a lot warmer where you're at than here. You should see the snow we have. Got to see & hear Bill Clinton yesterday and tonight the caucuses are being ...  (more...)
Dec 21, 2007 by annette contos
Re:  yr trip

it's so fun watching you have such a great time traveling and also seeing things that we have never seen. love u both very much and keep in touch!
Dec 15, 2007 by Bill Bellmore
Re:  Fun Trip

Ozzie & Joy,

I seems that you are realling enjoying life know.
Dec 15, 2007 by Judy Bowling
Re:  retirement

Bob and Joy, must say you two do know how to handle retirement. I really think that this is what it is all about. Will forward this on to a couple classmates so they can also be as envious as I am of ...  (more...)
Dec 11, 2007 by jerry coffin
Re:  trip postings

Thanks for your info about what you are seeing. If we ever get to visit the areas that you are seeing, then we get an idea of what to see and what we may want to avoid. Jerry & Suzy.
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