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Jul 9, 2007 by Samantha Goodwin
Re:  Hi

Hi Guys
Was so excited that Lovey sent you trip journal link to me. Am at work so have just had a quick look but looks like you are having a fantastic time. I tried to look Craig up on MySpace and ...  (more...)
Jun 27, 2007 by Darren Jacotine
Re:  Great Travel Journal

Hi guys

I finally got a chance to check out your trip. What a fantastic trip so far. I have been laughing at the commentary, by the way Cameron was looking for me.

You have both seen some great ...  (more...)
Jun 22, 2007 by Trista Johnson
Re:  travel tales

Hey there guys! Just wanted to say that your website is pretty impressive. I really enjoyed reading everything and looking at your pictures, especially of your time spent here! We both are very glad ...  (more...)
Jun 20, 2007 by Melissa Kenny
Re:  Happy Birthday

Hey guys,
Hope you are still both well and having a ball. HAPPY BIRTHDAY for tommorow CRAIG!( I hope it's tomm). We are sure you have one memorable birthday overseas. P.S Nice to read you have had ...  (more...)
Jun 19, 2007 by Mark Charles
Re:  Holiday

Hi Jaca and Bec,

Just had a look through most of your photos, I'm jealous... :)
Hope you guys keep having fun and take care. Say hi to Damo for me!

Chas and Karlie
Jun 15, 2007 by Anthony Ferraro
Re:  Sending a message

Hi Guys,

Great to finally hear from you!

However I am very impressed with the website.

You both look well and it seems like your having a ball. When are you barstards coming home?

Take care now I ...  (more...)
Jun 15, 2007 by Cameron Atkins
Re:  travel blog

Gday there knackers,
Nice blog mate, looks like you are having a ball mate....
It was good to see a photo of the diggas, and nicole and pappy in the background!
My favourite pic is the one of Bec by ...  (more...)
Jun 14, 2007 by Will Perez
Re:  Hi from Down Under. Old Burleigh Gang

Love the Album so incredible that Is like I have already been there by looking at the photos . Well done guys !

Keep having fun for ever !!!
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