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Jul 2, 2009 by Me JIM YOUR BROTHER
Re:  Back on the Grid

I've been talking to Sandy about how you guys have been doing. She finally sent me this website. I was blown away to say the least. I think what you and Deb are doing is fantastic, really! Congrats. ...  (more...)
Sep 13, 2007 by Leo Bart
Re:  Another Trip

Dear Jonathan:
Here are some things about Acaida National Park you might like to know. There are 26 mountains and I expect you to climb them all in one day. You can kayak, canoe and there are bike ...  (more...)
Sep 11, 2007 by Jimmy McCorkle
Re:  the website

I love your website. The pictures are awesome and the tales of each day...I was sitting here at work having a salad and traveling out of Ottawa via the Smythes, it was great. Thanks for taking the ...  (more...)
Sep 6, 2007 by Karen Turek
Re:  On The Road

Tom, Deb, and Jonathan:

Sounds like your getting underway to a chance of a lifetime. Pray all goes well. Look forward to seeing pix.
Sep 5, 2007 by Jimmy McCorkle
Re:  stuff you have done

Just wanted to be the first to leave a message on the page. Sounds like you adventure is in full swing. Careful, now your up there in YANKEE country :-)