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Apr 28, 2008 by Deb PerryNanse
Re:  journal

JUDY, I was so exicited to see the Kangaroo crossing sign. Then after reading your journal about your hat, I wondered if you would include a pic of you in the hat and you did! Then I wondered if I ...  (more...)
Apr 23, 2008 by Stephanie Arpey

Just in case you didn't hear Judy, Hillary took PA....but she still needs more money ;)

We love hearing about your trip and the pictures are great. Looking forward to seeing more.

We miss ya~!!
Apr 17, 2008 by Renee Elpel
Re:  What's Next ?

I am looking forward to seeing what adventures are next. On the home front, I accidentally broke Charmander's tail off (!) I felt awful ! One minute I was holding him and the next, he leaped, I ...  (more...)
Apr 14, 2008 by Tami Faircloth
Re:  way too much fun!

I've been reading the updates but I hadn't looked at the pictures. You two look like you are having WAY TOO MUCH FUN!. I love the journal updates and the pictures. I'm so happy you're traveling like ...  (more...)
Apr 14, 2008 by Tami Faircloth
Re:  great journal

Hi J&B!

Great journal. Now I'm inspired to go to new zealand myself. I went out today and bought travel books for new zealand and australia. Maybe Chris and I will take december off and travel their ...  (more...)
Apr 10, 2008 by Debbie Nansel
Re:  good to hear from you!

Well, today is April 10th and I just now figured how how to read the journal! I enjoyed reading it very much. I was getting so worried that I had to IM Julie to find out what was going on as I have ...  (more...)
Apr 9, 2008 by Beth Ryan
Re:  Your trip

I figure you're getting ready to fly to Sydney by now. Hope you're having a great time--sounded like the sailboat excursion was very memorable! Daddy--I've been worried about you--hope your cold is ...  (more...)
Apr 7, 2008 by Shoshana Kaminsky
Re:  adventures in New Zealand

Greetings from across the Tasman Sea! We're much closer to you than all of your other readers, but just about as jealous. Your sailboat trip sounds fabulous. We can theoretically visit Aboriginal cave ...  (more...)
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