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Apr 16, 2006 by Keally Cieslik
Re:  Your Time in Tarcoles

I came across your travel journal when looking to start one of my own for a trip to Europe this summer. It was just by total chance that I picked your journal, but as I looked through your ...  (more...)
Nov 16, 2005 by hugo morin
Re:  end of a beautiful adventure

Yat, thanks for taking the time to write about your beautiful trip. Your entry on Oct. 27th is very intense, the way we all feel when coming back home... Good times in Cusco, looking forward to seeing ...  (more...)
Nov 1, 2005 by hugo morin
Re:  oh noooo.....!!

Yat, what am I gonna do now? No more good stories to read... Hope the coming back home wasn't too hard - take care :)
Oct 26, 2005 by Anna K
Re:  Mi Buenos Aires querido...

..or more it would be mi Argentina querida, because guess who's gonna be there again in January and travel first for a month or two and then study for one semester at UBA (Universidad de Buenos ...  (more...)
Oct 23, 2005 by Nick McGough
Re:  Home coming...

Hey Yat,

Have been looking at your newer entries and all looks so amazing! I was also thinking for some reason that you were heading back to London at the end of this month?

When, will you be back ...  (more...)
Oct 17, 2005 by Wing L
Re:  Well done!

Hi Yat, Can't believe that you have been away for almost a year! And well done for making it to Argentina :D Enjoy the football match, I've never been to a live one either, have fun for me too :) Lots ...  (more...)
Oct 15, 2005 by Maria Sweden
Re:  Online

Sitting by my computer when a message from u:r big trip showed up. wanted to take this oppertunity to say hi when u:r still on line. Have a good time watching the game! Take Care Maria
Oct 5, 2005 by anna kosonen
Re:  baddington by lago villarrica

i meant to write you already from chile, because i saw some hostal/hospedaje that was called baddington from the bus between puc√≥n and villarrica. just reminded me of you. and now that i go and see ...  (more...)
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