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So here we are in sunny Melbourne after what seems like the longest most boring flight in the history of man....

It's really nice here, the sun is shining but it's not too hot (about 25C). We're desperately trying to stay awake though as it seems like a very long time since we last went to bed proper (I think it was Saturday and it's now Tuesday lunchtime!) Our mission is to try and stay awake until bedtime here which is proving very difficult. Several short naps under trees in the park have been essential so far!

It's bizzare going straight from the depths of winter to the height of summer. Suddenly needing suntan cream and breathing the lovely smell of freshly cut grass everywhere.

There is a most fabulous fruit, veg & meat market just down the road from our apartment which we plan to raid later. Steaks and bananas seems to be in huge abundance so if anybody knows any recipes that combines these items, we'd love to hear from you! Well anything is better than airline fodder. We landed at 6.00 am, slightly later than expected but not too bad. Our rucksack got lots of attention from the airport sniffer dog since we had had some fruit in it which seems to carry the death penalty here. Never mind hard drugs, just don't get caught with an apple.

Melbourne is a really nice city. Fantastic mix of colonial buildings, beautiful arcades and the modern. The river area feels like a hot version of the Thames with rowing clubs and coxs' tannoys all along it. No whales though.

If anybody has been to Melbourne and has some great "must-do" experiences they'd like to share then please let us know. We've been to the visitor centre and have a clutch of leaflets that we will trawl through tonight. Everything seems to be happening this week, it's the tennis open, Australia Day and loads more.

Anyway, thought we'd do a quick update to say we've arrived and we're loving it already! More update to come when we have ridded ourselves of this flight-induced sleepy haze.

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