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RV Park at Guthrie, OK

Parked on golf course at Guthrie

Weird art in local museum in Roswell

Display in Roswell museum

Sunset in Roswell, NM

Space Museum in Alamogordo, NM

White Sands Monument in Alamogordo

White Sands Monument

Still at Guthrie, Oklahoma (11/30 - 12/04/07)

Went out for Mexican food last night - mucho grande stuff. Don't know what Bob ordered, but it ended up being 2 full platefuls! (And he ate it all...) Got down in the 20's last night, but hopefully nothing froze.

It's supposed to be in the 60's today, sunny and not much wind. We decided to stay over another night and golf, since we're parked in the middle of the golf course! Had a great time golfing. I (Joy) am not a golfer, so I didn't do the greatest on the fareways, but on two of the holes I chipped in from off the green. If it only didn't take me so many strokes to get there!!! After pulling the cart around 18 holes, we were pretty pooped (especially our dog Weebles because he had to pull his leash... We're trying to teach him to pull the cart!

Amarillo, TX (12/04/07 - 12/06/07)

Tuesday - we took off for Amarillo, drove 6 hours and are camped just east of Amarillo. We drove on some 2-lane highways for quite awhile - you see a lot more and they aren't as busy as the Interstates. Stopped for gas ($2.84/gallon), and averaged 7.28 mpg this time. Only averaged 5.5 on the last tank because we were fighting a headwind. Stopped at a rest area on I-40, and I didn't realize I was making Weebles do his duty in a bunch of sand burs. I had to carry him back to the RV. We sure had fun pulling those out! There's supposed to be an east wind for tomorrow, which will help a lot. It was 70 degrees today, so I decided to go ahead and take my sweatshirt off and put on something cooler. I think Bob's about ready to dump his long pants for the winter. We'll head for Roswell, NM tomorrow.

We've been on the road for a week, and have traveled 1032 miles. We're really pooping along, since on our Alaska trip we only averaged 37 mph !!!

Roswell, NM (12/05 - 12/08/07)

Only made one wrong turn leaving Amarillo, but great co-pilot that I am I salvaged the trip so we didn't end up in Tucumcari... We headed southwest to Roswell. Had a nice tailwind so I'm sure we'll get even better gas mileage when we gas up (puts a smile on Bob's face). We are very disappointed in Roswell - expected a fairly small town geared toward the Roswell Incident, flying saucers and UFO's. It's about 47,000 and they have a small museum with a lot of articles about the incident. There's also a planetarium that we might visit before we head out. We went to the museum and Big Lots last night. We're waiting to hear if they get the tires we need in at Sam's Club today so we can get them put on before we leave today. We also went to a New Mexico Territorial Museum.

We're still in Roswell, and had one of those $700 days that we have nightmares about! (Tires, gas and groceries). We went up to Sam's Club to gas up, and the tires were in - although they didn't bother to call us! Took about 2 hours to get them installed, and I ran to Walmart for a few groceries. I sure feel a lot safer! Bob was really happy that we got over 8.5 mpg, as we'll be driving into the wind the rest of the way and it'll be a lot less.

It was really getting windy by then so we decided to come back to the campground and stay another night, and we'll head out tomorrow. I did the laundry last night, and after I got home and was putting it away I didn't see some of my clothes - then realized I forgot one of the dirty clothes bags! Those senior moments are a pain...

Headed to Alamogordo (12/8 - 12/9/07)

Headed out to Alamogordo about 8 in the morning. It was a 115 mile trip but took us 2.5 hours to get here. We climbed steadily into the mountains, up to 7591' - and when we started back out it got really windy. Passed 2 casinos on the way - can't believe I didn't make Bob stop, but I was afraid it would get even windier as the day went on. The Indian casino's (Apache I think), along with a huge horserace track/casino were out in the middle of nowhere on this mountain road! The Indians must come down out of the hills to gamble! We were on the "Billy the Kid" scenic highway, and went past several Indian villages. We're at a cute little park outside of town in Alamagordo. They have a fishing pond and windmills, and sandburs for poor Weebles! We got settled in, cleaned up, and headed to the Visitor's Center. Then we went to the Museum of Space History and the IMAX Theater. Then on to the Golden Corral to stuff ourselves. Bob was in bed by 7 p.m.! We'll head to the White Sands Monument tomorrow.

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