Bayou Bound and traipsing through Texas Hill Country, 2008 travel blog

wildflowers cover the desert floor

Vegetation is still green as it's early Spring

Some of the many wind turbines at the Tecate Divide

Imperial Sand Dunes, California where some scenes of Lawrence of Arabia and...

Some chaparral among the rocks

Ocotillo were in bloom

Ocotillo flower

The view from the Continental Divide

Yelow poppies blooming in Arizona's Catalina state park

Didn't know there were white poppies, too!

a pyrrhuloxia welcomes us in Catalina State Park

Sunset at Catalina State Park

The road to Catalina state park

Lots of wildflowers brightened the hillsides along the freeway as we headed east. Some cacti were also blooming in the desert.

The Imperial Sand Dunes of California made a scenic backdrop for our lunch break. This is where portions of the movies 'Lawrence of Arabia' and 'Star Wars' were filmed. The Algodones Dunes extends for over 40 miles, averages 5 miles in width and rises to over 300 feet above the desert floor.

Immediately east of the dunes is Yuma, on the CA/AZ border where the weather remains warm in winter. This has created wintering grounds for ‘snowbirds' (retirees from Canada and our colder states). Yuma is teaming with them. They come in droves in their RVs to wait out the winter and have turned Yuma into a massive RV resort.

We arrived at the Catalina State Park, Tucson just before sunset. This is a beautiful park popular with the locals. Equestrial, hiking, and birding trails lace the park and the Catalina mountains. Desert plants, including the saguaro, abound and a large variety of birds nest here.

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