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With five days to go until my Big Trip, I find myself in Southampton, courtsey of Iris, my best buddy/personal assistant/treasurer/personal accountant, who lent me her flat, computer, and broadband (and assuming kitchen too) to prepare more for my trip.

Having talked about going to Central and South America for almost 2 years, and planning it for the past year, it feels so strange that it's approaching so soon. From researching intensively on all aspects of the trip to executing (e.g. buying plane tickets, travel insurance, making up first aid box), excitement now turns into stress, as I'm frantically trying to tie up all loose ends (though tidying my room will have to wait until I come back - sorry Dad and Mum!!!)

More recently, am also feeling pretty sentimental too, as it really struck me that I'm leaving all my fantastic friends behind, and not being able to share all these wonderful stuff with them. Will not be able to dash off for a quick drink/moral support session in town! No more hanging out with my architectural friends talking about random stuff! No more spur of the moment escapes to far away beaches from groggy daily chores! No more temptations of Yuk's creative and delicious home cookings and never-ending supplies of DVDs and movies!! FOR A WHOLE YEAR!!

Ah! If only I could minimise all these lovely people in my life and put them with me in my pocket, then put them back into their actual size at the appropriate places and times...! That would be awesome!! (But then I guess there are such things as plane tickets...!!)

Now I understand why some people stay in the same place forever!!

However I know that if I didn't go on this Big Trip, it will bug me forever, as it's something I wanted to do so bad for such a very long time. I also know I have so many more fantastically amazing people to meet on the road, and that will have lots and lots and lots of fun!

Hopefully this website will be able to update you guys on my whereabouts and activities, with text and photos, (as I know my whale-mail account didn't always send emails to everyone on my list), as well as allowing you guys to fill me in what's new. From experience, even a summer's worth of events require quite a bit of catching up!!

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