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A Blue Moon - Good Luck Omen As We Begin Year Seven!



Once again, the summer has flown by. We have been back in Canada for three months (June, July and August) and this time we are setting off on a three-month trip (September, October and November) so I have a better sense of how quickly the time will pass.

For the first time in seven years, we will be home in Canada with our extended family for Christmas. We will gather in Calgary, at Raj and Vy’s new home, big enough to accommodate many of us. Vy and Raj have been together for five years, married for the past three, so we’ve never had the chance to enjoy Vy’s fascination with all that Christmas can be (and more). She tells me she would put up a Christmas tree before Halloween, if there were fresh trees for sale.

Anil and I are very fond of numbers, and the fact that this is Year Seven, makes it feel like a lucky year indeed. We weren’t aware that there was to be a ‘Blue Moon’ in August this year, the second full moon in the month occurred on August 31st, the very day we set off to explore Scandinavia and Eastern Europe.

It was much easier to say goodbye to everyone, knowing we would be back in Canada in early December. We’re not at all sure that we’re prepared to deal with a Canadian winter, but it’s worth bundling up in warm clothes to have the opportunity to take our granddog, George, out for a walk in the snow. We’re told he loves plowing through the drifts on his short legs.

Thank goodness we held on to our winter jackets and boots when we got rid of almost everything we owned six years ago. If we’re prepared for the worst, perhaps the weather gods will smile kindly on us, and send Alberta another mild winter like the last.


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