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January 14

We woke to a radio programme asking listeners to take a picture of the temperature displayed in their car, but only if it were below -30. I think the winner was one showing -43.5. Needless to say, we were not relishing the prospect of the trip out to the airport, but that was overshadowed by the prospect of Toronto being just below freezing and Florida being in the mid to high 20s.

We did the last minute things around the house, turned off the water, set the thermostat to hold the same temperature 24 hours a day, unplug the water cooler, empty the perishables from the fridge to leave with Fiona.

Fiona arrived as planned at one o'clock and we loaded the luggage and settled into her car which had at least had the edge taken off the cold, but the tyres still had a flat section where the rubber had frozen in the shape they were in sitting all night and morning in the frigid atmosphere. As a result the ride was stiff and bumpy.

We arrived at the airport unloaded the bags, said good bye and thankfully disappeared into the warmth of the terminal, not to emerge into the raw ravages of nature till we arrived in Toronto, though the walk through the pier to the plane was cool.

We had a snack before boarding and took some more onto the plane to sustain in the journey. The flight was uneventful. It left just a little late due to the baggage handlers working slower in the cold (can't blame them!). Arrived two minutes late and deplaned, collected our luggage without incident and went looking for the hotel shuttle. We went where we had been told and many shuttles for other hotels passed. Eventually one for our hotel came and appeared to be driving past, so we flagged him down. The driver told us we were at the wrong place and told us to meet him further along, which we did. It is notable that I was standing outside for around 20 minutes without a jacket, just a sweater. Quite a difference from four hours previously.

We got checked into the hotel and went straight to our room and bed. It was midnight Toronto time by then.

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