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A dish in the store says it all (Photo 1)

We had a generally lazy day today. We rose and got ready then went to the orange Club for breakfast. This is where we have been having dinner. Christine complained that the tea was cold and weak. A replacement was warmer but still weak.

We went to see the future cruises desk but it was lined up so we went to the concierge to see if we could make an appointment. We had tried for the afternoon, but eventually got one for 7 pm. We returned to the room. I did some laundry and Christine read and dozed on the veranda. We went to the Captain's lunch for mariner club members. We have been to these before and there have been maybe at most a hundred; today there were hundreds. The main floor of the dining room was full. Holland America obviously does a good job of keeping its clientele. The lunch was so-so. Not very inspiring food wise. I sat beside a couple from England. He asked what I thought of Scottish independence and I told him that when they had the referendum I was against it, but now with Brexit I was now for it. She said they were solid Brexiteers. End of conversation!

The service at our table was slow, everyone else seemed to be getting served, and a result as soon as we finished our main course we left as we wanted to hear the string quintet. We got there just as they started. It was another good concert. Just sorry we could not catch their evening performance. We had a walk round and had a coffee then returned to the room and looked at some of the literature and I watched the videos on the ports we are going to. Christine had a sower and we got ready for dinner. It was gala night which seems to be the new name for formal nights.

We went for dinner quite early and had a really good dinner. We came back to our room for a short time then went to the Neptune Lounge where we were meeting the future cruise director and we booked a land and sea tour of Alaska for July/August 2021.

We returned to the room and doffed our finery then went fir quite an extensive walk round the pools and sports deck, stopping for an ice cream (Christine) and sorbet (Iain) on the way. We returned to the room and got our things together ready for tomorrow, caught up with the journal and labelled the few photos we had taken and so to bed.

Tomorrow we land in Philipsberg, Sint Maarten and have a tour of the island, including the French side of Sainte Martin.

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