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Hell's Gate from on top of the walk way over the highway.

Deb and Jonathan on the stairway going down.

Jonathan runs down the path and back to meet us.

Waiting in the line for the tram to come up.

A shot of Jonathan with the train and visiting area behind him.

A little closer shot.

The gentleman at Hell's gate pulled the ladder out for this one....

Tom and Jonathan board the tram.

There's our photographer and driver!

A shot up the Fraser River as we go across in the...

A shot of the river out the tram window.

The bridge and salmon fishways.

The fishways were built to allow the salmon to rest for a...

The Hell's Gate complex from the tramview.

A little closer now.

Tom and Jonathan as we ride up the tram.

Deb and Jonathan get their picture taken from the "outside". This was...

Jonathan and Deb sit on the "front porch" looking down the canyon.

Jonathan takes a snooze on the front porch chair. I guess the...

A picture of the bridge with the river in the background.

One of the trams is coming down with the canyon in the...

Tom and Jonathan go running down the bridge racing one another.

The salmon rest on the other side of the river.

Bouncing on the bridge trying to find the Harmonic Vibration.

A view of the tram from the bridge.

We hiked up to the train tunnel to check it out but...

Jonathan and Deb up by the train tunnel.

Two trams about to pass one another.

Jonathan took our picture riding together in the tram too!

Jonathan taking a bite out of the salmon.

Tom and Jonathan watch the whirlpools below the bridge. They would get...

A shot of us by the big rock.

We were sampling their salmon burger for lunch and we heard the...

Jonathan gets ready to scale the walls of Fraser Canyon.

There he goes!

He looks like he fits right in with the explorers don't you...

Balancing, steady.

Deb went to check out the fudge shop so Jonathan is climbing...

Time to go. Riding the tram back up the the main building....

A last close up shot. You can see the Canadian and British...

One last look at where we just came from too.

A front view of the building.

The next few shots are of the scenery along the way as...







This train slowly passed Hell's Gate to view it while we were...


Notice the "Kilometers per hour" sign. That's been an adjustment. Tom's got...

We passed this racetrack where they were doing drag racing. I caught...

This church caught my eye. It looked old and like it had...

This water wheel was a different sight too.

Coming into Williams Lake. I didn't really get any shots of the...

A LARGE Canadian flag was flying.

This is the Cornish Water Wheel and Pump in downtown Quesnell. We...

The sun is setting at about 9:00 over the Fraser River. the...

You can see the speed of the current against the bridge support.

The water turned the wheel then splashed into the sluices, separating gold...

A shot from the middle of the bridge.

Tom standing at the other end of the bridge while Jonathan was...

Sunday, May 17, 2009.

Hell's Gate, Lytton and Quesnell

Hell's Gate Was Great!

We knew we wouldn't be able to get into Hell's Gate until 10:00 today so we took our time this morning. We had breakfast and got ready. Tom went out and washed all the bugs off the windshield from yesterday's drive so we could take more nice pictures today. When 10:00 rolled around we were raring to go.

It worked out great being able to just walk down the road a little ways because we were among some of the first people here this morning. The people who work here are so friendly. We got in line to get on the tram and they gave us plenty of time to take pictures. Tom was taking one of Jonathan and I and was trying to get it from up above us. The man who would be operating the tram went and got a ladder and climbed up and took a picture of each family from up above like that where you could see Hell's Gate down below us in the background. It turned out to be a great shot! The ride down was fun too.

We spent time walking around the deck reading the signs, taking pictures and watching the whirlpools in the Fraser River below. We decided to go out on the bridge next. Jonathan has really been enjoying running lately and has become quite good at it. He raced Tom across the bridge and back. Then, they got to making the bridge vibrate and move. We were the only ones on it so we had a science lesson in harmonic rhythm and sympathetic vibration. We walked back and forth on it together so it would create a wave and get the bridge bouncing.

Next, we watched the whirlpools some more and hiked up the other side of the canyon a little ways to see the train tunnel. I think we explored every inch of the place by the time we decided we'd better get on the road. Tom and I even split one of their Salmon burger baskets ($11) which was okay but next time, for the price, I'll pack a sandwich and opt for the fudge instead! Jonathan had a grilled cheese basket ($6).

The rest of the day was spent driving to Quesnell. Jonathan was bummed. No Internet along this highway so no Pirates of the Caribbean game to play. I drifted asleep for a little while. We drove through Lytton to see where the Fraser and Thompson rivers meet. The Thompson river is clear while the Fraser is a more brown and muddy river. It was interesting to see where the two come together.

We drove on into Quesnel to the Walmart there to pick up a few things. The store lets people overnight in the parking lot so that's what we are doing tonight. Tom will work tomorrow while Jonathan and I go walk the trail and visit the museum in town.

Hell's Gate Air Tram

P.O. Box 129

Hope, British Columbia, Canada,

VOX 1LO P 604-867-9277

F 604-867-9279

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