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Well, it’s been a month since Bob entered the hospital. Seems like an eternity. He had a very bad morning and early afternoon. He refused to eat anything, refused any treatment, spit his pills out, and was very combative. After a couple hours, I asked the nurse if there wasn’t something they could give him to calm him down, and she did bring back a shot of something. After he slept for a brief time he was fine. Let the aide give him some ice cream (with his pills in it). The charge nurse came in and told me that the CT had shown some dead (?) spots from lack of oxygen, plus degeneration and perhaps some effects from anesthesia – but he’s seen patients come out of this after many weeks. About 3:30 the PT guy came in and he was willing to sit in the wheelchair and we went out in the hall (with Bob helping with his feet). He chatted with another patient in the hall (I don’t think either of them knew what the other was saying). He ate some more strawberry ice cream (aide had mixed in some Ensure as he hadn’t eaten anything all day), and remembered that she was the one who gave it to him earlier; and said he might be able to work with the bars but the PT guy was already committed to working with someone else. He recognized that he had a catheter because he didn’t want me to run over it with the wheelchair. Finally took him back to his room where he said he wanted to go back to bed IMMEDIATELY. I had to keep him calmed down while we waited, but at least he kept the thought in his head that he wanted to be in bed. A rehab consultant doctor stopped in at 4:50 as Dr. Vogel had referred him. He said Bob would be a good candidate for rehab since he was moving his arms and legs good and was “young”. I explained that right now I was trying to get him back to Iowa as we were not from around him, so he left! PT guy finally showed up again and we got him back into bed. RT gal showed up and gave him a treatment while he slept and I drove to Ben’s house to pick up my mail from home and came back to the RV (stopped at the store for a few groceries). Weebles has been out several times since we got home. He likes roaming around the center and I think he feels more content here even if he has to stay by himself during the day.

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