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Saturday 1/8/10 Turned out to be a pretty decent day. Didn’t start out too well. I already have knots in my stomach when I walk in his room and today when I got there 3 staff were getting him cleaned up, and when I went in he blew a gasket because I was destroying a 200-guest wedding (and then it changed to a funeral). I went out and sat in the waiting room for awhile and then went back in. He was a little better but pretty grumpy. I left at 11:30 and went back to the RV. If I’m there I end up feeding him, although aide says he can feed himself when I’m not there! Came back again at 2 and stayed until after 6. He was in a very good mood and we chatted all afternoon (well, he chatted and when I could figure out what he was talking about I would answer; if not I just agreed). Towards the end of the day he kept seeing snakes, and wanting to get out of the bed and go visit Jim and Carol Round. I ended up feeding him supper and then had the aide come in so I could leave as he needed his one restraint put back on tighter so he didn’t grab what he shouldn’t. According to Bob, we’re going to go down to Red Bay and pick up a Phaeton from a dealer and head out to Washington to see the kids and pan for gold! At least he was thinking of pleasant things most of the time. He doesn’t understand why I have to leave him at the end of the day. Usually he falls asleep and I can slip out, but not tonight. Came back to the RV and Weebles has been out 4 times already! I think he just does it so he can get another “num num".

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