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Sunday 1/9/11 Day didn't start out too well. I made myself a couple eggs for the first time since 12/6/10, but it reminded me so much of Bob fixing my breakfast every morning that I had a meltdown! Very brief stay at the hospital today. He wasn’t awake much when I went up at 10:30, and a little grumpy when he was. Dixie and Biscuit picked me up about 12:30 and we went to eat at the Onion Patch. Got back to the hospital about 1:45 and they tried to visit with him for a bit, but it’s hard to do when he doesn’t make sense and keeps talking about he and others being shot. They left and he started getting grumpy with me again and was dozing off and on so I just left. Went and got some gas and back to the RV. Walked Weebles around a little bit, and I’m just going to chill out the rest of the day/evening. No TV so I’ll read a book and try to keep my mind off things until I head back up in the morning and try to deal with the hospital and VA bureaucracy.

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