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Jonathan standing in front of the Railway & Forestry Museum in Prince...

This was definitely our favorite spot!

Deb standing on the back platform of the Nechako Coach "Built to...

Jonathan stands at the front of the 1520 Steam Locomotive.

Jonathan sits in the seat of the caboose from where the brakeman...

On the road, driving toward Chetwynd.

More scenery.


I got lucky and caught a shot of the lake out my...


Taking a shot of Jonathan under the welcome sign in Chetwynd.

We figured this was just a figure of a logger since Paul...

This area was a memorial park dedicated to a man who had...

A bobcat.

An indian woman with her wolf and hawk. This carving had won...

The title of this one was something like "Late for dinner".

You can see the row of carvings from this angle.

We thought this was an interesting carving.


This picture shows the 2007 winner. The title of the carving is...

A rodeo cowboy riding a bull.

The eagle says "Don't mess with my chicks!"

Jonathan stands by the carving of the whale with his pirate sword.

Deb and Jonathan sit on a carved bench.

The rig while it's parked at the Visitor's Center in Chetwynd.

Back on the road toward Dawson Creek we catch a couple more...

Dinner for two.

A pretty view up river as we go over the bridge.

We were surprised to see a lot of farms and ranchers in...

Catching the big cloud over the horizon.

Thursday, May 21, 2009.

Walmart, Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada

Prince George Through Chetwynd to Dawson Creek

The first thing I want to say in our journal tonight is that we have been thinking of our friends the Koltons all day today. We got word last night around 9:20 that Steve's mother had passed away. Steve and Sheila are good friends of ours that live in southeast Indiana. So our thoughts and prayers are with them.

We got up and did a few things around the RV this morning. Tom said the sun was up when he got up (5:30). He checked and the Weather Bug said the sunrise was at 4:00 AM today. Jonathan did his handwriting and reading. We had breakfast then hit the road.

We stopped to check out the fuel station and fill up the Yukon. This was where we would be stopping with the RV later to fuel up so it would be helpful to see how to get in and out of the station and where the diesel pumps were located ahead of time. Once that was done, Jonathan and I headed back to the Railway and Forestry Museum. We had been able to spend a couple hours there yesterday but there was a lot more to see.

When we got there, Jonathan headed straight for the engine he liked so much yesterday. He had so much fun. So many controls to play and work with. We realized there was a passage behind the door that allowed us to walk the length of the engine and check it out so we did that. We came back to the controls though because they were A LOT more fun.

We walked around the rest of the grounds checking out other types of engines and passenger cars. There were buildings that had collections of everything from chainsaws to fire equipment to telephones to lanterns it them. There was a building that had been moved to the grounds that had once been a train station but the man who managed the train station lived there with his family because the station was in a remote location. It reminded us a little bit of how lighthouse keepers families lived with them where they worked.

We stopped at the store on the way home to pick up a few grocery items. A lady walked by my window on the way back from returning her cart and said “My you're a long way from home!” She had seen the Texas plates. She asked where we were going and then asked if I needed a quarter to get a cart since their store is a lot like our Aldi's back in Illinois. I told her I had one but that I was glad I saw her do that or it would have taken me by surprise. Once we had our groceries then it was time to head home and get ready to pull out.

We wanted to drive to Chetwynd to see the chainsaw carvings. We hadn't decided if we were going to stay there for the night or keep driving at that point but we wanted to get on the road and get in a few miles.

When we arrived in Chetwynd, there were chainsaw carvings by the Visitor Center. We parked and walked around and looked at those closely. We especially liked the bears under the “Welcome” sign but there were a lot of other good ones too. I was surprised to see how many of the carvers were from the United States. We decided to go ahead and drive on to Dawson Creek tonight and wait and have dinner there so we jumped in the RV and headed out. All together during our driving today, we saw two moose, several deer and two black bears so that was pretty exciting.

When we arrived in Dawson Creek it was around 9:30. We decided to go to Walmart first to see if they let people overnight in their parking lot. They do so we're going to spend tonight here and then check into a campground after Tom is done with work tomorrow. We were going to hit McDonalds for dinner inside the Walmart but it was closed. We thought a bout picking up a pizza but Jonathan picked out a “Hungry Man Dinner” instead. (This was his first TV dinner ever so it was a big deal.) I picked up a pita sandwich. Tom put his dibs in for the leftover spaghetti in the refrigerator.

When we got back to the RV I told Jonathan I'd help him if he needed it but that the directions for making his dinner were on the back of the box. He did great. When he sat down to eat I told him he was all ready for his bachelor days. He looked at me like I was crazy but I figured I had taught a life skill today. Mark one more lesson off for homeschooling. ;-)

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