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Monday 1/10/11 Making a little headway on getting Bob back to Iowa. Des Moines office is supposed to be faxing some papers to the hospital for me to fill out. Since he’s not acutely medically needy he would need to be accepted by Des Moines, and not Iowa City, as right now he only needs skilled nursing/rehab. And not sure how long that requirement will even last once he is able to walk again. Has no serious health issues now except his blood pressure, besides his memory, so just needs physical therapy. Had a pretty good day today; I only had to walk out once when he kept asking me for a knife. He did want me to stay longer tonight, so I just waited until he dozed off and then left. I feel bad but have to drive through this busy town and would rather do it before dark! Pushed himself partway down the hallway in the wheelchair and can almost stand by himself when transferring back to the bed, and knows he’s doing therapy (I think because he’s had to do it before). BRRR supposed to be down to 12 degrees tonight – it’ll be darn cold here in the RV. I brought my case of water inside so it doesn’t freeze in the car. Only good thing I can see about this is that Weebles’ turds will be hard and easier to pick up in the morning!!!

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