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Tuesday 1/11/10 Today went pretty well. He was a little out of sorts this morning, but not bad. He went to sleep around 11:45 so I went over to Dixie's and took a little nap. When I got back the case manager gave me the papers that Des Moines faxed and I had to go back to the RV to get some information. ANYWAY, when I got back with the papers Bob was walking down the hall with a walker !!! He was so proud of himself. I asked if they could weigh him and he got on the scales at 225. That's so much better than the 300# he was at the other hospital when he was all puffy. He was just so happy about everything - his weight, his blood pressure, his oxygen level, etc. Of course then he didn't want to eat much of his meal so he wouldn't gain weight - but didn't turn down the chocolate ice cream! After they got him in bed I tried to explain everything about what I'm trying to do - getting him back to Des Moines or at least to Big Spring and he seemed to understand all of it (at the moment) and was in agreement. He laid on his side for a little bit and then said his "left ventrical" hurt because of the kids jumping on him last night... I wanted to get out of there so told the nurse and then I left (bad me). The doctor had stopped in and said that sometimes just being in a different setting outside the hospital helps clear a patient's mind. He was so happy and fun to be around this afternoon and I had such high hopes until the end when I knew he wasn't with it again. Better day tomorrow.

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