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4-Mast Schooner at Bar Harbor

Sails going up.

Bar Harbor from Cadilac Mountain.

View South from Cadillac Mtn.

Dive-in-theater Boat - Diver Ed in white shirt.

Diver Ed ready to jump in.

Creatures brought up from the ocean

Harbor Seals

The coast along Acadia Nat. Park

Acadia Nat. Park

Lunch at Jordan's Pond

Maine Eastern Train - I operated for a few minutes.

View from cab of Maine Eastern train.

Tuesday, July 14, Carol and I headed for the US Border. The border patrol came aboard the RV and looked around for a few seconds and we were on our way. That was easy. The next 20 miles the road was extremely rough and we could only go about 35 or 40 mph. We later arrived in Bangor, Maine. We spent four days there for R and R and some Wal-Mart and grocery shopping. Sunday (19th) we drove a short distance to Bar Harbor, Maine to re-visit the area we tried to visit before going into Canada. Monday was a beautiful sunny day so Carol and I took a boat cruise on a four-mast schooner. It was a neat trip and passengers could help raise the sails. After motoring out of the harbor and raising the sails the captain shut off the engine and we cruised around the islands for two hours. Back on land, we had lunch on a second floor deck where we could watch the street below and the harbor traffic. We then drove to the top of Cadillac Mountain, the highest point in Acadia National Park and Maine’s coast. Tuesday, we again took a cruise but of a different type. It was called a “dive-in-theater”, because the captain of the boat took us out in the harbor a ways and then put on a diving suit. He took a video camera and dove into the water to show us live video of what he found on the ocean floor. This video was projected on a wall of the boat. He then brought back a bag of sea creatures to show and pass around the boat. He was a comical guy and appeared to enjoy himself as much as the passengers. It was fun and educational at the same time. Wednesday, we drove the entire 28-mile loop road around Acadia National Park. It was not raining but was cloudy with some fog. We stopped at many overlooks to view the ocean pounding against the rocky shoreline. We witnessed two drive-by-shootings. Not the dangerous type, but people that would stop at the overlooks, roll down the window of the car, shoot a picture and drive on down the road. I am not sure why people do that. Farther down the road we stopped at Jordan’s Pond for lunch at a plush park restaurant that severs up their famous Tea and Popovers out on the lawn overlooking Jordan’s Pond. Carol and I ate inside and had a meal and the popovers, which were delicious. We finished the loop road drive at the Wild Gardens of Acadia and the Nature Center.

Thursday (23rd), we drove the RV south along the coast of Maine and camped just south of Rockland, ME. All night Thursday and most of day Friday it rained. It cleared up Friday afternoon so Carol and I went on a train ride. The Maine Eastern leaves Rockland, heads south along the coast and arrives in Brunswick two-hours later. It then turns around and heads back to Rockland. During the trip to Brunswick, I was talking to the conductor and he asked me if I would like to go up front and ride in the cab of the engine. Of course, I took him up on the offer. It was a great view up front and also a great treat. At one point the engineer persuaded me to take his seat and operate the controls, the throttle, brake and horn for a few minutes. I know this is not legal to have a passenger operate the engine but at least I was not texting while operating. The train was made up of three coach cars and the engine. On the trip down the train was about half full but the return trip had a total of 14 people dispersed throughout the three coaches, so it was very quit and peaceful. Saturday morning we were planning to leave but the ground was so soaked, I was afraid we would get the RV stuck. Luckily we had no problems pulling out of our parking spot so we headed down the coast to the little town of Wiscasset, Maine

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