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Wednesday 1/12/10 The trouble with good days, is the letdown the next day. He was irrational when I went up this morning. Told me I was lying about what a good day he had yesterday and that he walked down the hall. I stayed for just a little bit and then went over to Dixie’s to take a shower and do a load of laundry. Came back about 1 and he was sleeping – he slept until 4. When he woke up he wouldn’t believe that it was 4, even though the clock is right in front of him. Kept falling back asleep. Dixie and Biscuit stopped up and he kept dozing off. PT came in and got him up in the wheelchair and Dixie got him to eat some Ensure chocolate shake as he wouldn’t eat or drink all day. Wouldn’t let staff take vitals earlier in the day I guess. Speech gal, Katie, came in and tried to work with him. She said he was more alert and talkative than he was last Friday when she met with him. After about a half hour in the chair he insisted he was beat and was getting back in bed. They didn’t have him strapped in, so he did get himself out of the chair and down on his knees by the bed; took 2 calls to the nurse’s station to get someone in to help. He fell asleep again and we all left.

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