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Jonathan spotted this bear along the road and got his picture.


This is the last suspension bridge of it's kind along the Alcan.

We arrive at Liard Hot Springs. Tom cleans the bugs so we...

A squirt for our squirt!

Heading down the boardwalk toward the hot springs.

Tom and Jonathan with the bath house in the background.

Our first glimpse of the springs.

Jonathan and Tom getting used to the water.

Tom sits on the bench and lets Jonathan push off. It's slippery...

Having fun.

Family shot.

Jonathan hitches a ride.

Deb and Jonathan sit under the falls.

Jonathan seemed to enjoy watching the water and how it affected anything...

Jonathan's shoe gets a toss. Where will it come out at?

Jonathan uses his shoes to dam the water at the top.

Time to head back to the RV for lunch and then hit...

Deb says "I'm relaxed and ready for a nap now".

Superman leads the way back down the boardwalk.

Having fun. It seems strange to see Jonathan in a swimsuit with...


It's about a quarter mile walk out to the springs but this...


On the road again.


This bear crossed the road right in front of us. The bears...

Here's a better look at him. We pulled off the road just...

Monday, May 25, 2009.

Campground Services – Gateway to the Yukon RV Park, Watson Lake, Yukon Territory, Canada

Liard Hot Springs, Animals, Contact Creek and Watson Lake in The Yukon

We looked out the front window this morning and somebody had pulled into the pull-out in an old fashioned car. They sat parked for a while then pulled back out on the highway. They were there long enough for us to grab the camera though. I guess all kinds of vehicles go up and down this road.

We took our time getting going this morning because to us it was a holiday. We didn't have to be anywhere by any particular time. We drove up to Liard Hot Springs. I walked over to the ranger house while Tom and Jonathan stayed at the RV and cleaned the front windshield. (No bugs in the pictures today if we can help it anyway.) She gave me directions on where to park so we headed in and got into our suits. It's sure nice being able to drive your house into places like that. You get to change in your own bedroom or use your own bathroom then walk out the door.

We met a couple on our way down the path. They were from Alberta and have been coming here twice a year for years. His name was William but I didn't catch hers. They were telling us all about the hot springs on our walk out there. The boardwalk takes you about a quarter mile back before you actually get to the hot springs but it's a nice walk. Again, I'll let the pictures tell this story too. Needless to say, we had a lot of fun. We were able to stay until everybody was ready to go so that was nice. No rush. When it was time to go back to the RV we decided to eat lunch there before we hit the road again so that was nice.

Our drive continued and it was quite the drive. We saw animals all afternoon. We saw bears, buffalo and wild horses at one point. We stopped at Contact Creek which is where the two teams building the Alcan from the north and from the south first met one another. We stopped when we crossed the border and took pictures of the Bristish Columbia sign since we didn't get a good picture when we first entered the province. We stopped for the “Welcome to the Yukon” sign as well.

Next, we needed fuel and we saw a small station on the left side of the highway where we turned around earlier after missing Contact Creek so we went back there for fuel because the price was right. We even got ice cream! The owner of the station was telling us how tourism traffic was way down this year compared to usual. He has lived here for twenty five years and he said this was the quietest he's ever seen the highway this time of year. That might be good for us but unfortunately not good for him. We drove on into Watson Lake and got signed in to our campground. They told us we could pick any site we thought would accommodate the dish so we picked one only to find out that the trees behind us were just a little too thick for it to shoot through so we moved to a second site. This one worked so we settled in for the night. Dinner was at about 9:00 PM. The sun went down around 11:30 PM I guess it comes up around 3:30 AM. Thank goodness for room darkening shades!

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