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Well not a very good day again. Started with running of LP in the middle of the night and it was down in the 20's. Thank goodness for the electric blanket but it was still darn cold. Woke up at 7:30 and Bob had insisted I be at the hospital by 8 to eat with him. I tried calling twice and it went to voice mail. By the time I threw clothes on and let Weebles out to pee and fly up there it was about 8:10 (have all the 20 mph school zones to go thru). He was sleeping and when he woke up said he couldn't get the phone to work because the battery was dead (I had just charged it but he kept telling me there were no bars). Back to square 1 with him. Dr. Sawyer, who did the surgery, stopped in. He said that everyone is pretty buffaloed on what's going on with his mind - they haven't seen someone that can be "with it" some of the time and the rest totally garbled. He's going to be doing another CT or whatever of the chest area to make sure everything is okay (a normal 1-month checkup). One of the staff said they'd found him on the floor sometime during the night; he'd gotten himself out of bed. Omar came in to do PT with him and did get him in the chair and out to the hallway. He kept complaining about his shoulder blade hurting and just not enough umph to walk. Took about 10 steps and said he was done. Said his pain was a 7, but then fell asleep. I did get the nurse eventually to put some icy-hot on it. Don't know if it really hurt or an excuse not to walk. He's got it in his head that eating is hurting his recovery so eats very little (except ice cream). Ben came up over the lunch hour and visited with him. Was back in his own little world almost all day, but was cognizant enough to ask how the party was (birthday party for Ben's 2-year-old last night), and later remembered Ben showing him the pictures from Cazumal. Someone from the rehab hospital came while I was out (naturally) and left some literature. At the new place he'll wear regular clothes. I'll have to go buy him some pajamas he wears all winter! I sure hope this new place is able to get him back to his right mind. The PT guy said he thinks they do therapy for a couple hours a day, and other like speech, cognitive, occupational, etc. I'll be moving back to Ben's tomorrow afternoon or Sunday morning. He's going to be out of town a couple days next week so hopefully I'll be company for Melissa. But I'll be able to walk back and forth to the rehab center when it's decent weather so I should lose some weight. And will probably be able to take Weebles down and have him come outside to see him. That might help his memory!! and bedroom slippers and some sweatpants; hope they let him wear shorts because that’s what

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