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Largest Vessel I saw on the Cape Cod Canal

Ferry Dock and beach (background) at Martha's Vineyard

A whale that was very close to the boat

Devin going down water slide at Bourne Scenic RV Park

Devin (Lt. Blue shirt) helping pull up the lobster trap

Boston, Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Devin at foutain

On the ferry, looking back at Boston.

Carol, Tracy and Devin riding the subway.

Two-mast Schooner

Churh reflection on the glass of the John Hancock Tower building

Penguin at the New England Aquarium

Thursday, August 6, 2009, we drove the RV to Bourne, MA, which is about 25 miles south of Boston. The Bourne Scenic RV Park is alongside the Cape Cod Canal, which is cut through the isthmus of Cape Cod. This 17.4 mile long canal allows any water vessel to traverse between Cape Cod Bay and Buzzards Bay saving about 135 miles of travel around Cape Cod. We spent some time just watching boats travel down the canal and witnessed many small boats but the picture shows the largest vessel I saw. Sunday afternoon we drove the Jeep into Boston, through the tunnel under the bay to Logan Airport. We picked up daughter Tracy and Grandson Devin so they could spend a week with us to sightsee the Boston and Cape Cod area. Late that afternoon we all visited the Visitor Center of the Cape Cod Canal. Monday, we drove the Jeep to Woods Hole on the lower Cape Cod to take the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard Island. We ate lunch at the harbor town of Oak Bluffs and then went to the beach, close-by to the ferry dock. The day was beautiful but the beach did not have sand but small pebbles and the water was cold. We had a nice time but decided we needed to find a sandy beach later this week. Tuesday, we drove to Barnstable on the north coast of Cape Cod for lunch at a restaurant overlooking the harbor and then took the Whale Watcher Cruise. We saw many whales, and one of them jumped completely out of the water. Some whales were very close to the boat; better than when Carol and I went on a whale watch cruise in Alaska. Tracy rated this event the best of the week. Wednesday we drove back to Woods Hole to take a Discover Cruise, which was designed as an ocean-learning cruise. One photo shows Devin helping to pull the lobster trap out of the water, which “happened” to have a lobster in the trap. There also was a tank with many other ocean creatures for everybody to handle. After lunch, overlooking the harbor, we found a very nice sandy beach. It was cloudy and a little cooler that day so we spent more time on the sand than in the water.

Thursday, we moved the RV closer to Boston at the Wompatuck State Park. The park was nicely shaded but the electrical power was minimal, not allowing us to use the AC. The weather was getting warmer so it was warm and humid in the RV. We spent most of the daylight hours in the city of Boston but it was warming up there also. Thursday, after getting the RV set-up we drove the jeep to the ferry port. We took the 35-minute ferry ride into Boston to eat dinner and look around for a while. After eating we visited the Faneuil Hall Marketplace, which is made up of a plaza area between two buildings full of shops and eateries. On the way back to the ferry we watched a fountain, which spouted unique patterns of water, out of holes that were on a flat plaza area. Several kids where trying their luck at staying dry while walking or running across the area. The next morning, we tried out the subway system. We drove a few miles to the southern most terminal, which was above ground but the subway goes underground, as it gets closer to the central city. The fares are paid by going to a vending machine, putting money on a card and then using that card to enter the turnstiles. The card can be re-filled when needed. There are five different color-coded routes with transfers in downtown Boston. After figuring out the vending machine the first day, we found the subway system rather easy to use, so we used it for the next three days. Friday, Tracy met with two of her work associates and we ate lunch with them. One of the ladies and her two boys rode with us via the subway to the harbor and we all took a cruise on the two-mast schooner. That was our forth boat ride in four days. After the schooner cruise, we all had dinner at a re-production of the Cheers Bar. Saturday, we again met with the lady and her two boys to ride the jump-on jump-off trolley through downtown Boston. The only jump-off we did was to visit the Aquarium. Saturday afternoon was very warm and after a very busy week we were all glad to have a very lazy and no sightseeing Sunday morning. Sunday afternoon we had reservations for the Blue Man Group in a downtown Boston small theater. It was a fun and a fabulous show. Devin and I rated it the best activity of the week. Monday morning, the 17th, we had to leave the RV by 4:00 am to get Tracy and Devin to the airport for a 6:05 am flight back to Kansas City. Later that morning Carol and I drove the RV to Littleton, MA to the Minuteman Campground. We stayed there on our way to Maine back in early June. It had very adequate electricity for the AC and WiFi, which I have been without for the last week and a half.

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