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Sunday 1/15/10 Not a good day again. Got up to hospital about 8:30 but they were just going to give Bob a shower. I told him I was going shopping to get him some things to wear when he went to the rehab hospital. Got back and he wavered between sleeping and being his "new" self. I was going to be moving back to Ben's today, so left before lunch (as he eats better when I'm not there). Went back to the RV and had a good cry and then started packing up again, and loading the car. Dropped my stuff off at Ben's around 2 and visited for a bit, then back to the hospital. Bob was sitting on the side of the bed, totally irate and wanting to leave. He wanted to know where his clothes were, and his cell phone and id, etc. He was getting out of there one way or the other. The nurse finally got orders from the doctor to give him something to calm him down. I left for about an hour, and when I got back he was a little calmer and the longer I talked to him the better he got. I helped him eat some supper and by then it was 6:30 and he was starting to fall asleep. I sympathize with him about having no control over anything, but he's not coherent enough to use the phone or computer so I hesitate to leave them there. Before surgery when I left the phone with him it ended up in the hospital laundry! Now he has an infection that has to be analyzed (which of course can't be done until the first of the week). If it has anything to do with his aorta or the surgery he can't be transferred to the rehab center, which will delay things further. So it may be at least Thursday before he goes there, if then. So frustrating. I am looking forward to his being there as it is very close to Ben's and I could probably take Weebles over there for a visit. Well, have to end this as Weebles is whining to go to bed.

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