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Jonathan on the bridge over the Klondike River.

A view up the river.

Jonathan rides ahead of me into town.

We arrive in town. The bike/walking path is on top of the...

The historic Catholic Chuch in town.

The Governor's Mansion.

Jonathan stands on the front steps. It was very interesting talking with...

The Royal Canadiam Mounted Police Station.

Jonathan stands on the bow of the S.S. Keno. This was one...

The guide explains to Jonathan how they powered and cleaned the ship.

The control room. Look at all the pipes, guages and controls! My...

This guage told them what the engines where doing.

The guide was really good with Jonathan and was able to take...

When Jonathan and I were done touring the S.S. Keno we walked...

We drove the Yukon down the this parking lot where he had...

Tom drives the RV onto the ferry.

Jonathan thinks this is pretty cool! One more ride.

Here you can see the length of the RV on the ferry....

Our last look at Dawson City as we cross.

Getting ready to land on the other side. The men that work...

They make sure the ferry is docked well and straight before they...

There are fishwheels on the other side of the river when we...

We head over the Top of the World Highway. We see the...








Tom spotted this bear and I just happened to have the camera...




We stopped at this pull-out to take in the view.

Looking ahead down the road.


Taking pictures around the radius of th RV. Beautiful scenery in all...

Jonathan heads for the hillside.

Looking over the hillside into the valley below.


These flowers are starting to bloom everywhere up here. They really add...



When the bus went by I snapped the shot to give perspective...

Tom and Jonathan playing over by the RV more.

Jonathan plays in the rocks on the side of the road. It...




A pretty steep hill to climb.

The tundra.




The Border Crossing at Poker Creek Alaska.

Jonathan stands by the Welcome to Alaska sign. Back in the U.S.A.

These are some pictures taken of the area behind the Alaska sign....



A gentleman headed for the Air Force Base in Fairbanks shows up....

Passing other RVs on the road. Yes, we're not the only ones...

More pretty scenery though.


A few more miles to Chicken!


Tuesday, June 2, 2009.

Chicken Gold Camp and Outpost

S.S. Keno & Top of the World Highway

Jonathan and I did our best to help Tom get things around the RV packed up this morning then headed out on a bike ride into town. He had been wanting to do that and there's a bike trail that leads from the entrance of the campground right to the walking path along the river so we headed out around 11:30.

We had bought a ticket for Jonathan for all the things we wanted to see but there must have been a misunderstanding because not one person asked for his ticket at any of the tours or they told us he didn't need one so we went to see if they'd refund our money. The guys told Jonathan all he should have to show them to get in is a smile. Jonathan smiled at what he said and the man said “See, you should get in free with that smile for sure!”

We rode back on our bikes then drove back in to see the S.S. Keno and met Tom with the Yukon so we could hook up in town and get on the ferry to head over the Top of the World Highway. The drive was wonderful. We made a couple of stops for pictures. At one point we saw a bear. Later on we stopped and Jonathan and I got out and walked to an overlook where we could take some nice pictures. We had to keep moving though because we wanted to make it to Customs in time to get through before it got too close to 9:00 PM when they closed.

The Canadian side was much better than the Alaskan side of the Top of the World Highway. We stopped at the “Welcome to Alaska” sign and took pictures. Jonathan and I talked with a young man who was from Idaho and was headed up to Alaska to serve in the Air Force up there. He had a pick up truck and a good sized trailer full of his belongings I imagine. Hope he made it alright.

We are in a campground in Chicken, Alaska tonight. There seem to be a lot of nice people here. I talked with a few people already. Some of them are from Georgia, some from Texas. One man asked about our satellite dish. I need to make up cards with our information on them. I just have a feeling I'm going to need them for some reason. I ran into a woman earlier today and wished I'd had one to pass out with our website address on it so she could look at it and some of the places we had been. It might have saved her some leg work later. One more thing on the “To Do” List.

Jonathan and I started the book “Tisha” tonight. It's about a young lady who came up to Chicken to teach back in the 1930's. The first chapter was good. We'll see how we like it. The lady I met panning for gold tonight said it was a great book. I've been trying to catch up a bit on uploading pictures onto the website and journaling but I'm going to head for bed now. There are LOTS of pictures for today so they'll be added soon. :-)

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