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Sunday 1/16/10 Went up to the hospital about 9:30 and sat with him for awhile. He was pretty calm. They said he was running a 101 temp. He was sleeping pretty much as they have some type of beeper on his bed to know when he’s trying to get out (which beeps off and on even when he’s not moving and was driving me nuts). They were going to get him up to eat and a shower so I came back and took Weebles for a walk. Went back up in the afternoon and visited until about 6. He was talking about getting his granddaughter a Vet truck for her graduation (in May). I asked him where he was getting all this money and he said from the $22 million we won in the Ohio lottery! I explained to him that it was just a dream he had and that we did NOT win the lottery. He was totally crushed, so I tried to distract him with a game of cribbage. That lasted one hand, but at least it got him off the subject. His temperature was back down to normal. Helped feed him supper and we watched a show on Alaskan bush pilots. Then he was going to sleep so I left. He wants me to bring the computer up tomorrow so we can figure out how many miles it is to his Idaho gold claim and read his email. Hope he’ll be able to do either one.

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