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Did a little loop-the-loop, arriving into El Poy in Honduras, and then promptly taking an onward bus to Nueva Ocotepeque, on the border to Guatemala. Because I had to pay to enter and exit Honduras, I thought it would be better value to spend the night there.

So, I arrived into Nueva Octepeque, a small dusty town of no interest - mainly wide streets with crumbly pavements, and did I mention that it's dusty?? There were a few restuarants, but all dishing up only fried chicken, and had to dine in a nicer looking hotel. The food was simple, but luckily not too pricey.

As I didn't feel very safe there, I went back to my room pretty early. Yes, at 6pm, I was already in bed. Not resigning to such an early night, read a book, and caught up with some paper correspondence. My room had no ensuite unfortunately, and sometimes I had to go downstairs to use the bathroom. When I went, had to walk past a TV area by the staircase, full of truck drivers spending the night there before crossing into Guatemala. They would whistle at me, and make comments, so my visits to the bathroom dramatically decreased.

I missed my time in Antigua, when I was always surrounded by friends - the point that I didn't have enough rest. Well, only one more night alone, as the next day would be going up to Rio Dulce - where two of my good friends were doing some voluntary work. More importantly, would be meeting up with Reto...

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