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Jonathan, his friend Decklan and his siblings.

A helicopter landed at the campground so we got a picture of...

Jonathan and Decklan

A very dirty rig.

You can't even see the paint on some parts of the RV...



Passing the gas station in Chicken.

Headed down the road toward Tok. The first mile is rough but...

Over the bridge to a better road. Notice the name of the...

Driving to Tok.







Sourdough Campground's office.

David, Tom, Jonathan and Deb at Fast Eddy's after a great dinner.

The sign on the front of the restaurant.

We thought the grass roof was interesting. The lawnmower really draws the...


This was Sourdough's landmark out in front of the campground.

Friday, June 5, 2009.

Sourdough Campground, Tok, Alaksa.

Chicken to Tok and Dinner at Fast Eddies

We had pulled off our campsite around noon today and up on the parking space above. Tom turned the air conditioner on up there while he had the generator running. Boy did that feel good. It's been pretty warm the last couple of days.

Jonathan was invited to go on a little quad ride up to town with Decklan and his family so he was excited about that. I wanted to walk up there and look for an ornament and at the sourdough bread book so I went up a little later. Jonathan helped me pick out an ornament.

When we got back, a helicopter landed on the hill behind where the RV was parked. Jonathan and I happened to be walking back down to the campground at the time. Decklan came up to meet us so I got their picture together in front of it.

We left Chicken around 3:00 this afternoon when Tom got done with work. We drove to Tok in about two and a half hours. The roads were better so that was nice. It rained a little bit along the way but nothing too bad. We went to a campground called Tundra but there were too many trees and we couldn't get a satellite lock so we weren't going to be able to stay there. As we were leaving though we drove past a van that looked familiar. It was our neighbor from Chicken, David. We stopped and talked to him for a few minutes. We were planning on going to dinner at Fast Eddies tonight so we asked him if he wanted to join us. He said yes so we headed out to find a campground where we would be able to shoot a satellite.

The Sourdough Campground was just a few miles down the road so we tried it. We had heard good things about them. They were very nice. Tom told them we would like full hook ups and a place where we could get satellite. They gave us two site numbers and said to take whichever one worked best. Tom started setting up while I went up to pay for the site. It wasn't until I got back that I found out it wasn't full hook ups though and we needed sewer so we could do laundry. We tried another site and jockeyed back and forth trying to get the satellite squared away. It finally locked on so we went to dinner.

We had called David and told him we would be running a little late so he met us there. The restaurant, Fast Eddy's, was nice. I ordered the highly recommended halibut which was excellent. Tom and David had prime rib which is a regular on Friday nights from what I understand so they were happy. Jonathan ordered Dino nuggets so he was in heaven too. They had a full all you can eat salad bar. A baked potato came with the meal along with a nice roll. Needless to say, we had plenty to bring home for lunch tomorrow. We highly recommend it! Reasonable prices too for the amount and quality of the food you get.

When we got back, Tom got us hooked up and set a new record for the amount of water and sewer hose it took to reach our hook-ups. Hope it works out where we can stay put for a couple of days. That will make it all worth while.

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