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Monday 1/17/10 The day didn’t start out well. Guess Bob got woke up to being poked and prodded. They had to take some blood, put something in it, and then put it back so when they do the scan tomorrow at the other hospital it will pinpoint where his infection is at. I’ll ride over there with him. Then they moved him to another room as someone needed that room for dialysis (and that’s where the machine was). I left for a bit because he was dozing, and he was upset when I got back and wouldn’t eat lunch. Calmed down some in the afternoon and went for a walk down the hallway, got on the scale, and took about 10 steps on his own. Then he wheeled out to the waiting room and we got him a couple candy bars, and then back to bed. He was anxious for supper to come, but then only ate a little bit when it got there. We did talk to his sister and nephew on the phone for a bit. I was going to try to call the Dubuque VA today, but it’s a federal holiday so they were closed. Will try tomorrow. When he was fairly coherent the other day he said he wanted to go back to Iowa, but today he said he didn’t. Whatever I end up doing, it’ll be wrong!

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