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Our campsite at Tok RV Village in Tok.

Heading down the Tok cut off toward Valdez.




An overlook of Wrangle St. Elias National Park. Also talked about discoverers...

Burning some of that energy off and getting ready for some more...

These flowers are blooming all along the roadsides.

Our first glimpse of the Alaska Pipeline.


This was the next overlook. Just beautiful. We would have liked to...

Jonathan runs some more energy off. I really wish we could have...

The view across the lake.





Jonathan's watching Tom's feet under the rig and playing hide and seek...

Snuggles while we look at the mountains.




We really wanted to just camp here for the night but figured...

The RV gives perspective to the lake and mountains.

I don't think Tom even knew I took this one while he...

We arrive at the campground up the road. A man from Russia...

Looking down the grass airstrip toward the mountains.

Our RV is parked in the campground. Someone left an umbrella behind.

This used to be a hotel and is supposedly haunted now.

Tom and Jonathan are playing games for a little while before bed....

Monday, June 8, 2009.

Tonsina River Lodge, Tonsina, Alaska

Tok to Tonsina

We did things around the RV today for the most part. Jonathan spent the morning learning about space. He's really been interested in that lately so he looked up all the planets and all kinds of information on them and wrote about them for his writing today. I ran to the store to pick up some milk and bread at one point then we got on the road around 3:00.

Tom figured our drive would be about two to three hours but it ended up taking five because the roads were such that you have to take the roads so slow because of the frost heaves. We made a stop in a beautiful rest stop and thought about overnighting it there but just figured we might be pushing it a bit if we did so we looked around really well then headed on down the road a few miles to a campground.

The man running the campground is from Russia and just opened it two weeks ago. He charged us $19 for power and a campsite. Not too bad. The place isn't anything fancy but he's got business. He has a bar and a small convenience store. He takes cash or check and has a runway. He's getting things going still but if he can keep it going, it should turn into a nice little place.

Pictures from June 2 are posted now. Go back and take a look at the S.S. Keno, the ferry crossing at Dawson Creek and our Top of the World Highway trip.

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