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Tuesday 1/18/10 - Crash day for Joy. I finally hit the wall. Called Lin and she’s coming down. I can't believe it's only been 6 weeks since this started... Went to the hospital and every time I went into Bob’s room he told me to get out. Melissa went in to visit him and he did talk to her, barely. I called Dubuque VA Clinic and the case manager was going to call the social worker at Iowa City VA and have her call me, but she didn’t call all day. I went to the other hospital in the ambulance at noon so Bob could be scanned. Sounds like he also has to go back tomorrow for an x-ray to try to figure out what “infectious condition” he may or may not have. He is very depressed; wants to leave and just drive off in the RV. But then he starts talking strange stuff again. I found out I could take the dog up, so I did – but that didn’t work out so well. Weebles just layed there and Bob was very disappointed that he didn’t act overjoyed (don’t blame him). I took the dog back home, and then remembered it’s Tuesday – my one night to talk to the doctor. So I went back up. Bob had been going up the hall looking for the “dog specialist”. Then he was blaming his “virus” on all Ben’s dogs (he only has 1) and Weebles, saying they should all be neutered and then put down. He wouldn’t eat all day. The doctor showed up and spent about 2 minutes, again telling me he doesn’t know anything. The “other’ nuclear whatever doctor will have to decide if Bob has an infection and it may take several days! I asked if he could be transported if it doesn’t relate to his aorta and he just said I needed to talk to the case manager! He won’t give me an answer on anything. I had talked to the c.m. earlier and gave her the names of Mercy Hospital/Dubuque and St. Luke’s/Cedar Rapids and she is going to contact them tomorrow (hopefully) to see if either will accept him as an inpatient rehab candidate. But she also has to wait for the results of the test to see if he can be transported. It’s all a vicious circle and I just can’t handle it anymore. I know Bob keeps saying he doesn’t want to go back to Iowa; he wants to go to Idaho and pan for gold, but I just can’t stay here any longer and still stay sane. I’ve got a constant knot in my stomach and cry at the drop of a hat. When he gets better we can always come back and get the RV and go

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