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Driving back through Thompson Pass. Glad we got some nice pictures on...

North side of Thompson Pass.


We could see the rain coming ahead. We ran into and out...

Another glimpse of the pipeline.

A view of one of the glaciers coming down out of the...


You can see the pipeline out Tom's window as we drive along....

Up the mountains it goes.

Coming into an area called Colored Mountains.




The mountains fall behind the green hills on the right but now...




Ah, here's a nice shot of the river and the mountains together.



There's that pipeline again!


We were coming up on Delta Junction and stopped to see if...

This was a wayside where you could stop and read about the...

The silver radiators on top of the poles convect the heat from...

Another couple was there at the same time and offered to play...

Jonathan gives it a go. This chain was placed between two bulldozers...

Even Daddy had a hard time picking it up!

Delta Junction is the end of the Alaska Highway. Mile 1422. We...

A shot of Jonathan by the "End of the Alaska Highway" sign.

I think the message is that if you come across buffalo, guess...

Jonathan says "On guard you mosquito! You'll not get me!"

I guess the mosquitos have different plans. Hope we packed the Deep...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Rika's Roadhouse Parking Lot, Delta Junction, Alaska

Alaska Pipeline, Colored Mountains, Delta Junction

We got up around 9:00 this morning and started moving. Check-out time was 11:00 so we got breakfast and got on the road after getting showers and one more load of laundry done before Tom took us off full hook-ups.

Today was going to be a fairly long drive but we had stopped to see most of the things that were of interest on the way down so the plan was pretty much just to drive straight through until we got up past the point where we got on the Richardson Highway coming from Tok. At that point it would be all new scenery.

It rained off and on all day. We would get wet and it would be cloudy. I'd think to myself “We're driving on one of the most beautiful highways in Alaska and we're not going to be able to see it because the cloud deck is so low” then it would clear up and the sky would be blue for a while. Next thing you know, it would rain.

We stopped three times. One time was for lunch at the pull-out just north of Tomsina that overlooked the lake but we couldn't see the mountains. We stopped at a place where buffalo sometimes graze in the valley below but there weren't any buffalo and we just about got poured on. It started raining just as we made it into the RV again. The last stop was at the Alaskan Pipeline. We read the display and took some nice pictures there then the mosquitoes came out in full force so it was back into the RV again. We drove on until we came to the Visitor's Center in Delta Junction.

Delta Junction is the official end of the Alcan Highway so we wanted to stop there and take a picture by the Milepost sign. The Sullivan House was closed so Jonathan and I will go back tomorrow to check that out. It's a roadhouse that was open to travelers along this route when they were traveling from Valdez to Fairbanks. They provided a warm bed and hot meals for the travelers for a price.

We drove on to Rika's Roadhouse where there was parking for RV's for the night and boondocked there. We'll plan to see that tomorrow sometime too.

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