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Spending a little time with friends Kevin & Cameron before we leave....

Heading down the walkway at the Hill Top truck stop. We had...

Jonathan is leaps and bounds ahead of us.

Friday, June 19, 2009.

Hilltop Truck Stop, Fairbanks, Alaska

Staging for the Prudhoe Bay Trip

We left Santa Land RV Park this morning around 11:00. Jonathan had gone over to visit with Kevin and Cameron before we headed out. I had one more item to mail then I stopped over to say good by to Laura and Michael while Tom finished getting the RV ready to pull out. The boys were having fun. We had a nice visit and said our good byes. Hopefully we'll run into one another again sometime this summer. If not, maybe sometime down in the lower 48 as Laura was saying. I forget that so many of the people we run into up here are from down there. They're from Virginia. We may be headed southeast next winter so we'll see what happens.

We drove up north of Fairbanks a little ways. The Hilltop Truck Stop's fuel was a little more reasonable than it was in Fairbanks so that was good. The deal was that if you fill up here, they will let you park your rig here while you take your tow vehicle up to Prudhoe Bay and back down. Tom came back out to the RV after paying for the fuel and asked if I wanted to eat lunch in the truck stop. They're well known for the food they serve here. “Twist my arm!” That meant I didn't have to cook. Lunch was good and there were plenty of leftovers for dinner so no cooking tonight either.

We're using the rest of the day to get our stuff together and then we'll head out early tomorrow morning. It's supposed to take about thirteen hours to make the whole drive.

Jonathan must be feeling a lot better because he's attacking Tom and they're wrestling on the couch behind me as I type.

Later in the evening:

The plan was to make an early night of it but we ended up watching a movie tonight then heading to bed after that. The Yukon is all packed and ready to go so it will be an early morning tomorrow.

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