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1/22/11 Very bad day today. I went up about 9:30 and there were several staff in his room. He had sat up on the bed and eaten some breakfast. They asked how he was feeling and he said he was feeling much better. The aide was going to get him in the wheelchair in a bit and give him a shower. Very happy and joking with them. After they left he started talking nonsense again. I tried to keep responding but it’s such a strain to listen to him, and when I’m not sure what he’s talking about it’s hard not to say the wrong thing. He started talking about wanting the silver thing (his cell phone) and some clothes to get out of there. I just kind of lost it and had to leave. Went down to the car and cried my heart out. Dixie had texted that they were going to stop by so I told her where I was. She and Biscuit showed up about 10 minutes later and got me through my crying jag. I had also texted Lin but Jim still had to take a shower, etc. so it was an hour before they got there. We were in the hospital lobby by then. I told them I just could not go back into that room today, so Dixie/Biscuit went up to visit him and Lin/Jim took me up to a casino at Hobbs, NM. That was a bust – I was just so sad that we only stayed a short time and then drove on up to Roswell, NM to the Harley Davidson store so they could buy t-shirts from NM. Then drove back another route that took us through Carlsbad. Got back about 10 (so almost an 11 hour trip!). We stopped at a rib place for supper. Last few hours of the trip were pretty long as it was dark and no one was saying much, so pretty depressing for me. I will try to go up in the morning again; maybe Lin will go with me.

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