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Monday 1/24/11 Day didn’t start out too good. Lin and I got there about 9:30 and he was arguing with one of the nurses, as he won’t eat or drink and the nurse was trying to explain that he almost died the other day because he was dehydrated. Bob was saying he didn’t care if he lived or died, had nothing to live for. When he saw me he immediately ordered everyone out, that he wanted to talk to me alone. Then accused me of being out parting the night before and he had professional photographs of it. I went back out in the hall and the nurse was saying that he had gotten out of bed and was attempting to crawl up the hall during the night. He wouldn’t take his meds, etc. While we were talking the door handle moved and he had walked himself to the other side of the door! He finally settled down a little, and then eventually fell asleep. His

BP was 87 over something and they finally got him to take some meds with ice cream. We talked to the case manager and she said she had a call in to Mercy Hospital about whether they had a doctor who would take on his case so he could be airlifted there. The medivac plane would cost between $8500-9500 and would also take 1-2 passengers. Cheaper one would take 5 hours; other one less than 3 hours. But it can’t be arranged until he is accepted at the other end and then will take up to 48 hours to show up! I asked her at 3:30 if she’d heard anything, but of course she had been “too busy” but would try to call again. Lin came up at 4 and went to talk to her and she said she hadn’t been able to get through but would try again before she left. What a joke. He slept most of the time. The RT gal came in and gave him a breathing treatment, which he slept through, and the speech gal came in but left again. Jim had taken his truck to Midas to get fixed and we picked him up for lunch; brought Bob a chocolate malt from DQ and he drank a little bit of it. I went to Walmart with Lin and Jim about 5:00 as Bob was sleeping. Got back at 6 and they had taken his tray (uneaten). I rescued it and took it back to him, and got him to eat about half of it as well as drink a 20 oz. bottle of water. He was pretty lucid during that time and we talked about trying to get him accepted at Mercy and he promised to eat and drink. Had a really nice 2.5 hour visit with him but staff came in about 8:30 and were doing assessments, etc. on him and he was starting to fall back asleep so I came back to Ben’s. His BP was good and so was his heart rate. Wonder what tomorrow will bring.

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