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Maria (in red), her mother and little sister.

Some of the kids at the Christmas party.

Maria opening some of her gifts.

Handheld GPS

Canyon Lake RV Resort.

RV Swimming Pool

I haven’t written in quite a while so I need to start back at the last posting. During the month of November, Carol visited four of her doctors and I visited my cardiologist and dentist. All gave us the stamp of approval until our next 6 months appointments in May. We had a nice Thanksgiving Dinner with our daughters and families and left Kansas City area on the Friday after Thanksgiving. We stopped overnight in Wichita to visit my sister and husband. Later that evening we visited with Carol’s two brothers and their families. Saturday we headed south to Texas at my usual slow pace. I usually don’t drive more than about four hours a day and some times less, so we arrived at Canyon Lake RV Resort in Mission, Texas on Tuesday, December 1st. The last day of driving we drove in a very light rain most of the way and noticed the green fields along the way, which is usually a very desert looking area of Texas. We then arrived in the lush Rio Grande Valley. We backed the RV into our usual spot between two new neighbors and discovered how soft the ground was with all the rain that preceded us. This winter season has been the wettest and coolest that we have ever had, down here in the tip of Texas. We even had two nights that dipped down to 28 degrees and I had to disconnect the water hose to the RV for fear of freezing. I took my tomato plant indoors those two nights and later noticed that the wild growing Aloe plants behind our RV, suffered some damage to the tips of the leaves. I know that the northern states has gotten much colder weather than this, but their unusual cold and snowy weather even dipped south far enough to affect us this winter. Our Mexico building schedule has also been affected by the weather. We had to cancel some days and then one week instead of the usual Tuesday and Thursday we added a Friday building day, to try to keep on schedule. This week we got our Tuesday building completed but it has been raining all night Tuesday and most of today so it looks like our Thursday build is in jeopardy. When it rains on the unpaved streets in Mexico it is a muddy mess trying to get around the little town of Progresso. At the time of this writing we have built 15 houses with about 10 more to go for this season.

Carol and I have been doing the usual activities and eating out with friends here in the RV park. I have been so busy that I have only had time to read one book so far this season. I have been experimenting with a new hobby called “Geocaching”. I had been researching the hobby and then I met a new person from Canada, here at the park. He was just getting started with Geocaching and he invited me to go along with him to look for these hidden “caches”. This is a real geek sport/hobby where you go to the internet and look-up the Latitude and Longitude coordinates of a hidden cache. You then take your GPS to go find the coordinates and thus the cache. I bought a new handheld GPS, about the size of a small cell phone, which is used for hiking and Geocaching. So, imagine this picture, Trevor with his Laptop computer connected to the Internet, each of us with our handheld GPS and then the car GPS on the dash of the Jeep so that we can find the street locations. We found six caches in about two hours. Within 20 miles of this zip code the web site listed 577 caches.

The Saturday before Christmas a group of the builders went over to Mexico and had a party for the kids we sponsor. Maria, the 12-year old girl that I sponsor was there with her mother and little sister. I have included some pictures of that event.

The week after Christmas the daughters and the grandkids flew down here and visited us for a few days. The first day, Mother Nature did not allow us to show off our great weather, it was cloudy with drizzle. The next day improved so we played mini-golf and rode go-karts, while in shirtsleeves. How about that for the last week in December? The third day we took them to South Padre Island to let them stick their feet in the ocean and then later we dropped them off at the Brownsville Airport for their return to Kansas City. It was a short visit but they were able to see where the old folks spend their winters.

January 16th, I made a quick flight back to Kansas City to attend the memorial service of my Nephew, who passed away due to Huntington’s disease. I left Texas early Saturday morning and returned Sunday evening. Carol stayed in Texas to take care of the dog and she did not want to do the hassle of plane changes at the airports.

My sister, Sue, and her husband, Stan, plan to come visit us the third week in February to go over to Mexico to help us build houses. This will be their third visit to see us, here in Texas.

The plan for Carol and I is to leave south Texas early in April, visit some places in Texas and Oklahoma and return to Kansas City, for doctor visits, either late April or early May. We can plan that as we go, I guess that is the way gypsies can do it when they live in their home on wheels. We are still working on our plans after that. That may include a re-visit to Yellowstone and Zion National Parks and then other National Parks out west.

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