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Tuesday 1/25/11 YAHOO Bob was lucid all day today. He remembered things from last night. Lin and I talked to case manager, who said she was going to have the Rehab head guy from South Rehab Center do an assessment on Bob as Mercy Hospital requires that before accepting him and it sounded like he might be able to end up back in Iowa by the weekend. Jim came up and we took him in the wheelchair down to the cafeteria on the first floor. He got to sit in the sunlight for awhile. Tried a cup of Seattle’s Best but it didn’t sit well on his stomach. We took him back up after a bit, but at least he got to see outside and a change of scenery. Bob talked to Steve on the phone today and they had a nice talk. Lenae had contacted a lady from Senator Grassley’s office, who called me, but they couldn’t really do anything except give me phone #’s to Medicare/Shipp office, how to find out where elder care facilities were, and the # to Angel Flight. She said in order to utilize Angel Flight, he would need to be self-sufficient for medications. Ben stopped up for awhile after lunch, but then they came in to do his breathing treatment, etc. We both (Bob and I – not Ben and I) dozed for a little bit in the afternoon. Then the case manager came back in and said that he would need to go over to the Rehab Center for a few days for the assessment so they could then send reports to Mercy; that he didn’t really qualify for Skilled Nursing anymore and this way he would be getting more indepth rehab while waiting. Totally stunned me. I contacted Lin and they came back up. While they were there the Rehab guy came in and listened to Bob’s heart and touched both his ankles (great assessment) and said “I’ll see you next week”. I totally lost it and started crying. Hopefully he wasn’t aware of what case manager was telling us and all will be straightened out in their weekly meeting tonight. Bob then became depressed so I had to buck up and cheer him back up so he would do PT when they came in later. He did go all the way down the hallway (quite a ways) with the walker to the PT room and did some exercises with his feet while sitting in the wheelchair. Then he walked almost all the way back to his room before he had to sit back down. Got him to eat a few bites (not much) and then he wanted to go to bed. Talked to his sister for a few minutes, and then I left to let him get rested up before the 2nd shift staff come in and do their assessment with him. I just pray he will still be lucid in the morning. That is 90% of the battle. I stopped over at the motel to visit with Lin/Jim and then back to Ben’s. Long exhausting day, and everything still up in the air.

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