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Ocean Road





sandstone rock formations


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The Great Ocean Road lives up to its name! A very unspoiled view and not as many houses as you would find along any ocean in the states. Beautiful rock formations and wonderful trails. It is a very twisty road with drive off the road jaw dropping views . There is a Great Ocean Road hike for the hardy. We saw a guy hiking up to a lookout point that we were at with a HUGE backpack He said he was hiking all the way through around 81 kilometers....he was huffing and puffing just to get where we were which was not that far up....hum wonder if he made it? We stopped at Apollo Bay for lunch. Apollo bay is a beautiful town but more touristy. Picked up a couple more souvenirs...yep we are being generous to the Australian economy.

We noticed on the various turnouts that they had signs saying "In Australia Drive on Left"

There are also many signs about staying awake such as " TAKE A POWER NAP NOW" but there wouldn't be anywhere to pull off. Or there would be a sign saying "BE CONSIDERATE LET OTHERS PASS"...but the pull off uh-hem.... appeared to be a sheer cliff...hum I wonder how many we have lost?...........

No Worries,

Judy and Bob

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