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Thursday 1/27/11. Very stressful day for me. Went up to rehab a little after 8. Bob called me on phone as I was going into hospital and said he’d been calling me (that was first phone call). Said I was out carousing all night again! He had only taken a couple bites of breakfast. Said they had done some therapy with him earlier. Room was freezing so he was bundled up in bed and I put some more blankets on him. They came in about 9:30 and got him up for some more therapy. Did 1.5 laps around the PT room (didn’t make the last half because he stopped to talk to someone). Then had him to leg lifts and he got half done before he laid his head back down. Then on to occupational therapy. Lin, Jim and I left while he was in there and went back to the RV to load everything up that they were taking back. Got a few more clothes for Bob, and his swimming trunks in case he gets to go in the pool at rehab. He told Lin on the phone he was eating lunch in front of his window. When we got back up there he was in the hall, and had only eaten a couple bites of his lunch. We took him back to his room, and I kind lost it. We went back to Bens where he gave me something to calm down and I slept for about 4 hours. Jim and Lin took me back up to rehab and again Bob had not eaten. He took one bite of a sandwich and wouldn’t eat any more. I did get him to eat a couple bites of a candy bar, and then he went to sleep. I left about 7:30 and came back to Ben’s. The nurses had tried to fix a bandage over the ulcer on the back of his head, but it came back off when he was laying in bed. Bobbie is working on arranging some type of flight for Monday or Tuesday so we can fly commercial. Ben would fly with us, and then fly back home. Will have to try to get through day by day. I think Lin is leaving in the morning; I’ll miss my little canine companion when he goes with them!

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