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Friday 1/28/11 Very early I noticed a missed call on my phone from Bob and called him back. He was ranting about how we stole his money and credit card. I tried to guide him to where I had put it and after a long time he did find it, but then he was mumbling about going back to bed. I had to call the nurse station to make sure he hung the phone up. Went up about 8:15 a.m. As I was going down the hall my phone rang and it was him, mad because I hadn’t been answering him and was out partying again. I got to his room and found that he had made many phone calls starting about 5:45 a.m. to whoever he could press in his contact list, as well as some he tried to dial himself. (Later on I called the people and apologized for him). Lin and Jim came up to the hospital while he was in therapy and they were ready to head out, so we went to Ben’s and got the car hooked up and I loaded Weebles in the back seat. Sure hated to see him go. I went back to the hospital to sit with Bob. He got done with am therapy about 11 and then had a few bites of lunch. He wanted to lay back down. We both fell asleep until his 1 pm therapy session. When he was done with PT and OT, I asked about speech and no one knew he was supposed to get that! The checked with speech and the gal was unaware of it (although Marty at Select said it was included), but she did do an assessment on him. When we got back to his room he started worrying again about the RV and all the damage I’ve done to it while partying and why all the secrecy and not letting him see it if it’s all right. I said I wasn’t going to listen to that talk anymore and left. I went down to see if I could talk to his social worker (who was supposed to be Barbara, according to Marty. Talked to someone named Tina/Trina who said there had been no communication with Marty other than with her, and it would have been much easier if he had been transferred directly from Select hospital!!! She said some days had been lost of Medicare approval, but they had agreed to extend him some days to give us enough time to hopefully get him transferred! The are shooting for getting everything approved on Monday so we can fly out on Tuesday (but meanwhile we’ll have to try to do tentative flight arrangements because things keep changing). I also asked if he could be taken out of the hospital in a wheelchair van to see the RV and know it isn’t damaged, and the agreed. I went back up to talk to him, and he had his duffle bag out and was trying to pack it to leave himself. I lost it again and sort of “lit into him” and he settled down. He ate a few bites for supper and then into bed. I left about 7:00. His daughter Bobbie called and talked to him for a little bit (he had called her earlier to tell her he was divorcing me!).

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