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Saturday 1/29/11 Long day. I went up to the hospital about 9 and Bob was in therapy. I watched for awhile, but then went to his room and waited. One of the nurses mentioned he has an infection from too many antibiotics so he is in isolation (due to the other patients being more succeptible to that type of infection). Apparently no one else was aware of it or they wouldn’t have had him down at therapy. He is being treated for it, but can’t join group therapy so he didn’t get any this afternoon. He did eat a good lunch, but then just laid down most of the afternoon. I did get him up for awhile to sit in the wheelchair in the sunlight coming in the window. He is always so cold. His son Dan called and he talked to him for a bit. Got him back into bed before I left as I was going to watch Ben/Melissa’s kids while they went out to eat. Hopefully he ate a good supper; he promised me he would. Took some of his clothes home and washed them. Will try to sleep tonight (hope I can after dozing most of the day), and start a new day tomorrow.

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