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At two o'clock we have twins!

Entering Denali National Park. We stopped and had our picture taken at...

We were coming to the gate where we would have to show...

Ptarmigan pronounced tar-mi-gan. The Alaskan state bird.

Crossing the river.


Driving up the road a little further we get closer to Teklanika...

Walking to the Ranger Program on glaciers and snowflakes. Jonathan is wearing...

The Ranger talks about how they dress up here for really cold...

She had two kids help demostrate putting on layers of clothes, ski...

Thursday, July 16, 2009.

Teklanika Campground, Denali National Park, Alaska

Trapper Creek to Denali

We spent the morning getting things together at Trapper Creek. I ran a couple things over to the post office, made our reservation for when we came out of Denali back here so we could get on hook ups for a night before driving on down to Wasilla. We got pulled off the site around 2:00 then got fuel and headed for Denali.

We had to stop at the store to get firewood, check into the campground then park the Yukon in the back lot. We went up to the Visitor Center to pick up the Discovery Pack. Jonathan had to be with me to get it so I ran back to get him. Fortunately he and Tom were coming to meet me. It's really cool. It's got all kinds of tools and books in it to do neat things on the bus and in the park so that will help with the time on the bus as we're going places.

We got into the campground just in time to go to the Ranger Talk so we went to hear her talk about snow and what role it plays in Denali. That was interesting. She did a very nice job at presenting. She signed our Jr. Ranger booklets for us so we're started on them now. The plan is to go to the Eielson Visitor Center in the morning so we'll have to get up and get our lunches packed and get going fairly early in order to catch a bus that comes by at a fairly early time.

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