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Wednesday, July 22, 2009.

South View Rest Stop/Camp Area, Parks Highway, Alaska

One Last Glimpse of Denali

We drove down to the rest area south of Denali last night where they have actually built a nice viewing station. There are maps showing what the names of the different mountains are along with displays telling about the history and animals of the area. There's camping spaces and it's done on an honor system for the most part. We decided to drive down here and camp tonight then we'll get up in the morning and see what kind of view we could get of the mountain before going to Trapper Creek where our reservation is for tomorrow.

Tom had to be up and working by 5:00 so he watched the weather. He came in and woke Jonathan and I up around 7:00 and said he thought this was the best shot we would have at seeing the mountain this morning. We got up and got dressed then we headed over to the lookout point. We couldn't see much but there was a paved walkway that lead up the hill so we decided to go up and check it out. The view was worth it. The mountain wasn't peeking out just yet but there was a beautiful view of the river valley below. Jonathan spotted meadows of fireweed on the hills across the river. Really pretty. We kept watching the clouds waiting for a chance to see Denali one last time. It peeked through for a few seconds then the clouds rolled on through and it was gone. We waited for a little while then headed back down to the RV. There were several people just arriving for the day. Those are the moments when you think to yourself. “I love this life! These people are just getting here and I had this place at my front door step this morning.” We went in and I made a nice breakfast. We had to be out of the campground by noon so we drove down to Trapper Creek about three hours later and set up camp here.

We've been doing laundry and enjoying long hot showers as the afternoon has gone on. It feels good to get back to normal again. I'm sure we'll all sleep well tonight.

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