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Monday 1/31/11 Bob was having OT rehab in his room when I got up there. I checked with the nurses’ station and asked if his results were back to see if he had the infection they were isolating him for. They did some checking and said he was okay so I took him down for his physical therapy. I talked to Martha, his “official” social worker who has been gone. She said she was trying to get him in to Mercy but was unsure as he had so few rehab approved days left. Ben was working on getting a flight to Denver and then QC for only 1 plane change, and trying to come in from the back side of the storm. He came up after lunch and we took a ride out to the greenhouse while Bob was in therapy again. Then we talked to Martha, who said Dubuque would not accept Bob as they didn’t feel enough days left to work with him. She then suggested we try going the route of “skilled nursing” which could be done in Maquoketa, either at Crestridge or Maquoketa Care. This would give us another 20 days of paid Medicare, with an option of 80 more with a co-pay, and he would be getting physical therapy while there. That sounded great to us, but now there is the problem of whether we can get a doctor to accept him as a patient and if they have a “male” bed opening. I gave her Dr. Petersen’s name and hopefully he will agree to treat him or the nursing home won’t take him. We have to have him moved out of this facility by Saturday; guess if nothing else works I’ll just try to load him on a plane and fly him home and hope family and friends can get the house ready for us and go from there. The neighbor said he would plow the road. He’s in a little better spirits thinking he may be getting back to Maquoketa and his puppy, even if it is bitter cold and snow. He played a game of cribbage with me tonight, which is a huge step. Dixie and Biscuit brought us up a malt; so of course he ate very little supper. We watched AFV and even laughed a little bit. We’re still both down pretty bad, but not out yet! Keep prayers coming.

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