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Tuesday, 2/01/11 - Can’t believe it’s February already. And still stuck in Texas. And woke up to snow and ice this morning !!! Got up to the hospital at 8:30 and the therapist gal said Bob was refusing to go to therapy until I got there. I went in and he was mad because someone “stole” his phone. I finally found it wrapped in his sheets. I then got him into his wheelchair and started out of his room. All his pills were scattered in his sheets so I put them in the cup and handed it to him with a bottle of water and said “drink”, which he did. Then he went to therapy. I checked with social worker, who said Maquoketa Care will not accept Bob, so she faxed same information to Crestridge later in the morning. I ran back to Ben’s to do some laundry, and of course had trouble with the washer and it wouldn’t spin the clothes (if something can go wrong, it will). Then back to the hospital to try to get Bob to eat. He had a bite of toast for breakfast, and maybe 2-3 bites of potato for lunch. He layed down for an hour and then they got him back at 1 for his afternoon therapy sessions. I was in contact with our daughter-in-law Jolene from Forks, WA – who is also trying to see if she can get him into skilled nursing out there if Maquoketa options don’t work. The social worker came in the afternoon and said that at their weekly meeting it was determined that Bob isn’t qualified for skilled nursing because he can walk 100’ (which I have NEVER seen him do) with no assist and 200’ with the assist of a walker, etc. so he would be discharged home after leaving rehab 2/9 and then would only be eligible for home health thru Medicare but would still need 24-hour care! Doesn’t make sense to me. So Jolene is still working on getting him placed out at Forks, and we are still waiting for Crestridge to determine if they would accept him into skilled nursing. We could still check with Jackson Co. Hospital and other area nursing homes, but still have the problem of finding a doctor who would accept him as a patient. Those at Medical Associates refuse since he has only gone to them sporadically the past 5 years (due to his using his VA doctor for most things). So will just wait to see what tomorrow brings. May end up having to ask friends to clear driveway and walk and get house set up and just take him home and do the best I can with him…and hope one of us lives through the experience!

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