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Wednesday 2/2/11 Happy Groundhog Day - hope spring comes REALLY early.

What a cold frigging day! And they had no heat in the hospital until almost noon, and then it never did get warm. Bob and I were in the bathroom, he in his wheelchair and me in the shower chair, with the electric ceiling heater on. The cleaning lady opened the door to come in and you should have seen the look on her face! We invited her in and I think she was happy to be a little warm while cleaning the stool... Never did get really warm, but sounds like it wasn't warm anywhere else in Midland as the places aren't built for cold weather. I'm just happy to have a plan in place - this yoyo life I've led for 2 months, not knowing what we were going to do or what happening from day to day. Apparently he can walk too well (???) for skilled nursing so it’s home we go. We have reservations to fly out next Wednesday at 8:30 am and should get to Moline by 1 pm; then some good samaritan will pick us up and get us out to the house, and Ben will then catch a ride back to the Quad Cities and fly back to Midland on Thurs. morning. Hopefully the driveway of the house will be dug out by then and we can get up the driveway. Lin/Jim will try to get the water going and possibly the Dish set up if he knows how (but not a biggee as Bob should be able to handle that). He seems to be doing better, walked about 150 feet today just holding on to either an arm or a walker and with another 6 days he may be much better (hope). I'll get prescriptions filled for a few days on Tuesday and hopefully can get Home Health in there and some PT. Lin and Jim said they would stay if I want them to (with the 2 dogs!). Bob's mind is clear except when he focused on something that he's worried about, and I'll just have to leave the room when he gets like that I guess. At least I'm more positive than I've been since the surgery and that is the healthiest thing for ME right now. He knows if it doesn't work out and I can't take care of him that it's a nursing home and there goes what’s left of our life savings, so I'll just have to keep reinforcing that! Martha at the rehab hospital will be contacting Dubuque VA tomorrow (no answer today, surprise) to see if they can get him home health, outpatient services and meds lined up through VA - but we may need to actually take him up to the clinic so I'll see about setting up an appointment for that also. Things are looking a little brighter in our lives – thanks to all of you who have sent prayers our way; they are working….

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